The restaurant is located in the middle of the resort on the hillside with beautiful Panoramic views overlooking the sea. During the breakfast hours, you will find us waiting for you with the warmest of welcomes. June Juea Restaurant offers a wide choice of European and Thai foods. Keep an eye out for various Promotions, Specials and Dishes of the day. As the evening commences you can dine in comfort whilst enjoying some of the most amazing sunsets. Set from the spacious terrace restaurant. Creative cocktails are served alongside Thai and European cuisine from our professional resident chefs. They await you on your evenings. During the higher seasons, you will also find weekly live music. Special menus are available offering that exclusive holiday touch. We welcome you, and you will find us more than happy to help you organize your special events. We will endeavor to create some of your most memorable times (Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Romantic Dinners & More). We are also able to make and create a personalized menu, and specialist décor just for you. All meals and drinks from the menu are also available via order and delivery to your room. Enjoying a meal in the privacy of your own spacious terrace. Open from 7 AM-10 PM.
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Rock BAR

Rock Bar is our bar located near the pool. It is open from 10 AM-7 PM. The bar offers fabulous views across the ocean. Immerse yourself with the beauty of some of the most breathtaking sunsets. Relax & enjoy the stunning scenery whilst sipping an original cocktail chosen from our menu and served by our professional bartenders. A wide variety of snacks and meals are available from the menu. Don’t forget to keep a look out for the special cocktail and happy hour deals throughout your stay.